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Don’t Hurry, Be Happy!

Slow down, settle in, and prepare yourself for a road trip against time.

Slowdrive, presented to you by Onebraverobot, sets you behind the wheel as one of the world’s most even-tempered drivers, on some of the most absurd tracks around.

Join a homesick sloth on his surprisingly complex journey to return home in this simple, yet challenging, racing platformer.

Simply Challenging

Admittedly, Slowdrive download feeds you little in the way of expectations but presents you with a slowdrive game downloadwhimsical charm and surprising level of entertainment in its modesty.

Some may mistake this gentle pace as boring, but I see it as comfortable and relaxing – something you can pick up and enjoy at the end of the day to calm the nerves.

This game executes a simple concept well with transparent mechanics yet thoughtful implementations.

The challenge is in the track, and the bumps and curves along the way, rather than a deep-rooted knowledge of the mechanics themselves.

This perfectly sets the stage for challenges that are rapidly approachable and rely on discipline (and a little bit of luck) to hash out. While these glowing qualities don’t present themselves immediately, the level design proves itself more and more as the player progresses.

Just Keep Driving

Though I praise Slowdrive for being a calm alternative to other racing games out there, I do admit that the game would benefit from a few more things going on.

slowdrive gameFor starters, the game has no soundtrack to offer besides the main menu. While this is minor, at best, the calming nature of the game would be aided greatly by it (though, the sound of crashing waves serves well in the meantime); after all, what is a good road-trip without a catchy sing along with friends.

On a somewhat more serious note, the shortcuts that are imbedded in the game seem to be hand fed to the player rather than feeling like a secret that a player would have to keep a sharp eye out for. This could only be an issue in the first stage of levels and I fully expect this to become much less of an issue as the game moves forward.

End Of The Road

All in all, Slowdrive download has the makings of a charming and entertaining racing game with a platformer mix.

As the development of this game is pushed further, I look forward to seeing levels with increasing degrees of complexity and moments of both hilarity and frustration.

With the promise of more vehicles models and levels to come I will be keeping my eyes on the road ahead as the tale of this homesick sloth is laid out before us.

Slowdrive Download: Play Now
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