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snowglobeception game download

snowglobeception download

About Snowglobeception Game

Snowglobeception draws the player in with a tantalizing contrast between the beauty of the white snow globe and the red slaughter you transform it into. The game is built in a style inspired by the movie Inception, with the snow globes fitting one within another, like the dreams in the movie.

The goal is to kill the little people inside the snow globe. The more you kill within a given time limit, the higher you score in the game. You can swing the globe around and turn it on its side or upside-down, in order to make the little people fall and crush to their deaths in a bloody, gory fashion. You can also smash them by throwing huge balls at them. Basically, you have to spill blood on the whiteness of the globes during the five minutes of the gameplay.

With heavy rock music playing in the background, the elegant layout shattered by grisly death makes Snowglobeception a gruesome, yet very entertaining game.

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Snowglobeception Download
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