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Nosegrind A Panzer With Spicy Tanks Download

The lumbering tank is a boon to the accompanying infantry in war and war games.

On it’s own, however, it lacks the mobility to be of any fun or practical use.

Without enemies to lay waste to the Panzerkampfwagen, it is anachronistic at best.

Zulubo claims we need to rescue the beloved tank from its cultural irrelevancy and they’re just the developer to do it with their game Spicy Tanks.

Death Machines of Death Defying Stunts

The player controls one of many unlock-able tanks, selectable from the “tank tank,” and drives around one of the three courses.spicy tanks game

Currently there are only three levels.

The “Classic” which is comprised of hilly green polygon terrain, the “Skate Park” which is a grey level of half-pipes and ramps, and the “Racetrack” which is a precarious rollercoaster of a road.

The tanks drive over these courses like any old tanks from your childhood games, but unlike the tanks of the past they cruise at absurd speeds.

Racing at the hills and divots will launch your armored war machine into the air for any number of stunts and shenanigans.

The different tanks vary in their handling, speed and traction so the player can try out the different tank abilities and utilize them for anything from donuts to 360 flips.

Annexing Some Air

spicy tanksThe tanks also, obviously, sport a gun or howitzer on the top, which seems useless in a world without objects to shoot at.

That is, until, the player experiences the power of their knock-back.

The gun can be used to speed the tank foreword, slow the tanks approach, and also to fly.

With the tanks’ impossibly rapid and infinite firepower a few shots at the ground will launch them into the stratosphere, and with careful aiming of the shots its flight can be controlled.

That seems to be the spiciest characteristic of the game’s re-imagined tanks.

Blitz From the Past

With graphics that feel remarkably like computer games from the early 2000’s, Spicy Tanks harkens back to a time when games were played without objectives or reasons.

How many hours have we all spent, in our listless youths, building death trap attractions in Roller Coaster Tycoon, or driving the wrong way in Diddy Kong Racing?

There was a point, in my life at least, when games weren’t played to be won but to be explored.spicy tanks free download

That’s all that Spicy Tanks download has going on right now. The game is still in open Alpha testing so we can expect more developments overtime, possibly objectives.

Currently there is very little to do besides cruise around the three levels and do tricks. There are no clues as to how the player may unlock more tanks so it’s a shot in the dark.

Yet, as we look to the future of Spicy Tanks and pray for trick points, plot, multiplayer, or something to keep us invested we thank the creator for making tanks interesting again.

If you’re curious enough, click the Spicy Tanks download link at the bottom.

Spicy Tanks Game Free Download
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