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Play as a Lone Gunman in “Superhook Game”

Floating somewhere between video game and interactive concept art “Superhook Game Download” will certainly raise some eyebrows.

You assume the role of a lone gunman trapped in a strange dimension that seems to be made out of spare graphics and parts of other first person shooters.

The world you inhabit looks half-finished; the enemies you fight feel unreal; even time itself is centered on you.

If there is any meaning to your struggle, it’s not apparent.

Maybe you are as fake as the people you gun down; maybe you are made of polygons and glass.

superhook download

Time Stands Still

Perhaps the strangest attribute of this alien dimension you wander in, is the fluidity of time.

Everything around you – enemies, bullets, and shrapnel included – moves only when you move.

Everything is floating in a liquid mass of sluggish time, and everyone is slowly but surely trying to kill you.

The only thing that disturbs this inevitability is your grappling hook.

When you use it to propel yourself through the 3 spatial dimensions, the temporal dimension accelerates; more often than not killing you in the process.

superhook download

Your enemies’ bullets leave the muzzles of their guns in slow motion, but their trajectories weave a web of sudden death that collapses to one singular outcome, by your hand.

You fire your hook, pull, and bullets fly hungrily towards you.

It is ironic how you seem to be less bound by this world’s limitations and at the same time this freedom brings it bearing down upon you.

Bare Bones but Intriguing

superhook free downloadAs we mentioned above, “Superhook Game” looks (and probably is) unfinished.

Its graphics are primitive for today’s standards and its sound effects are precious few.

Your surroundings are random structures that have fallen through the cracks of a game developer’s files and your enemies are red mannequins of glass.

When you shoot them, they don’t bleed as such; more like they break to a hundred little shards.

This game will not “wow” you with its appearance; it is rather its gameplay that will keep you strangely intrigued and firing at your fragile foes.

Even though “bullet-time” is nothing new, in other shooters so far we’ve seen this being used on demand, thinly veiled as a power up or supernatural ability.

In “Superhook” time moves slowly, yes, but not entirely at your command.

superhook free

This makes it very difficult to predict how firing arcs behave, meaning you’ll be seeing the “retry” message an awful lot. From this perspective, the game feels like a combat puzzle game, in which you try to slip through the traps that you spring.

Interactive Haiku

It’s not really clear what “Superhook’s” developers were thinking when they put the game out.

The subjective time mechanic is an interesting gimmick, however it will leave you wondering at the possibilities, were this a more complete game.

“Superhook Game” looks like a minimalistic, audiovisual poem, pondering at the concepts of subjective reality and inevitability, and as such belongs to the world of Art, rather than Gaming.

Don’t take my word for it – simply try the game for yourselves.

Superhook Game Download
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