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sword with sauce

Death, Destruction, Blood…

“Sword With Sauce Free Download”

Have you ever dreamt of being the bringer of raining death and destruction upon your enemies, painting the walls red with their blood?

Of course you have; you’re reading an article about a game called “Sword With Sauce”.

This game is still under development, only recently reaching its Alpha stage, but the early access content leaves no room for doubt; blood-drenched wanton murder is what it is about.

There is no real premise per se; you are not a hero/commando/mercenary trying to liberate/infiltrate/exact revenge. You are just a dude with an arsenal looking to stir up trouble.

The Tools of Your Trade

The weapon you lay your fingers on is a sword – which is hardly a surprise given the game’s title.

What is surprising however is that you can use this sword to deflect bullets, slice-n-dice your enemies, and even throw it as a pointy projectile of skewering execution.sword with sauce game

Your weapons get larger and noisier as you progress through the game, and the type of weapon you favor determines your game style.

You can opt for the swift and silent approach, sneaking behind your enemies to stab them liberally or impaling them with arrows from afar, or you can just switch to “screw it” mode and crash onto your enemies like a furious hailstorm of bullets, shells, and full-auto fire.

Both are fun and both will reward you with the quiet, zen-like tranquility of a job well done.

However, for some serious fun you will have to turn to your gadget array.

You have access to no less than 20 kill-tastic gadgets ranging from ninja stars to gas grenades, and from self-destructing crabs to miniature black holes. There’s even a shield that you can use to deflect enemy fire, as well as throw it Captain America style.

There’s So Much Blood…

Although “Sword with Sauce Download” has all the trappings of modern first person shooters, one cannot help but be reminded of the vintage fps franchise “Blood”.

sword with sauce free downloadThere is a lot of blood.

At this point in development, the enemies are like black mannequins (probably filled with blood) that exist for the sole purpose of being destroyed by you and spraying blood all over the place.

The – mostly white – environments are still bare-bones in terms of textures, and that serves as a stark contrast to the fountains of copious red that spurts out every time you pull the trigger or draw your sword.

In a sense, it’s art. Seeing as the game uses the tried and true Unreal 4 Engine, it’s fair to assume that the final product will shine both in terms of physics and in terms of animation.

Pure, Mindless Fun

“Sword with Sauce” is very honest about what it’s about.

Don’t expect the gritty realism of ARMA or even the somewhat realistic Call of Duty gameplay.

This is a game about using flying swords and black holes to blow your enemies away.

You enter, they try, they die.

Sword With Sauce Free Download
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