The Cardinal Crusade Download

the cardinal crusade

the cardinal crusade download

The Cardinal Crusade is a grand action platforming game with a significant focus on quick, challenging gameplay as well as secrets and quests.

The Cardinal Crusade Features:

  • 75+ Levels!
  • Alternate and Secret Exits Routes!
  • Concealed Upgrades and Collectibles!
  • Exceptional Artstyle!
  • Challenging and Rewarding Gameplay!

The Cardinal Crusade Gameplay

You are part of a campaign sailing towards a mysterious isle in search for the “Fountain of Ascension” – An artifact that is supposed to give the powers of godhood to whomever drinks of it’s waters. You need to learn more about the ruins of a collapsed civilization, fight distorted monsters, and uncover the facts about the people that created this fountain.

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The Cardinal Crusade Download

The Cardinal Crusade Download
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