Tiny Robot Justice Squad Download

Tiny Robot Justice Squad Download

Tiny Robot Justice Squad Download

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Tiny Robot Justice Squad Free Download | Game Overview

Tiny Robot Justice Squad is a 2D side-scrolling, wave-based shooter currently UNDER DEVELOPMENT for Windows, OSX and Linux platforms. We were Greenlit, and the game will be available on Steam soon, but you can play an alpha demo of the game right now!

Tiny Robot Justice Squad is inspired by Contra, SmashTV, Bubble Bobble and Risk of Rain, but with rocket launchers, laser beam drones and tons of other weapons to play around with.

Tiny Robot Justice Squad Gameplay

In typical arena shooter style, in Tiny Robot Justice Squad you fight waves of deadly enemies. Enemies are teleported in via Signal Pods that drop in to the level. Each wave of enemies will be stronger corresponding to how many Signal Pods are active.

Enemies are designed to keep you on your toes at all times, with enemy design often taking inspiration from classic bullet hell shooters. You’ll have to keep on your toes at all times to avoid enemies and keep up the pressure destroying pods.

tiny robot justice squad free download

How it All Began | Story

Over a hundred years ago, the Human race abandoned it’s home.

In awe of a sudden and rapid surge in the general intelligence of the industrial and domestic Robots upon which humanity had become dependent, and in fear of what may come to pass as a result, Humans flee to the stars. For over a century Robots thrive on Earth alongside the planet’s remaining native life forms. “

In secret, an industral management AI known as ZEROV, driven to rage and madness by the abandonment of its creators, begins stripping the planet of its resources, seeking stores of Human technology and the hidden key to interstellar travel. Raising legions of monstrosities to do its bidding, its aims: take to the stars and exact revenge for humanity’s desertion, and destroy and reconstruct all life in its own image. All who oppose are violently recycled into the war machine.

As ZEROV’s forces swarm the Earth, a resistance force of robots yet stands against the onslaught.

Choose your hero, and join the fight.

Tiny Robot Justice Squad Download
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