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tiny worlds in flasks free game download

About Tiny Worlds in Flasks Game

Made for LDJAM 38, Theme – A small world.

Tiny Worlds in Flasks lets you create your own little worlds inside different containers.

There are no real objectives in Tiny Worlds in Flasks Game, you simply fill your container up with whatever type of “world” you like. You choose the background color, the container type, and the environment.

You have the option of three different environments to choose from. One lets you to create a world in a lake, another one in grassland, and the last one in a forest. Certain creatures can live in your world without you placing them there. If your container is big enough, you may find fish in the lake and birds in the forrest!

Tiny Worlds in Flasks is a simple game with a sandbox feel to it. It is definitely worth playing!

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Tiny Worlds in Flasks Download
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