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The Studio Behind “TABS Download”

Making war was never so hilarious! Indie games developer Landfall Games is currently developing their 4th official game, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Free Download (TABS), using car test dummy looking figures with silly eyes and wobbly bodies that brutally fight each other on an atmospheric battlefield.

Characters of All Sorts

Building a unique army from the money you receive for each new level in the campaign mode, you assemble your troops that vary from simple peasants that use their mighty fists to beat down the enemy, to the famous chicken men, to Trumps and Hillarys, barrel rollers, thieves, spearmen, ballistas, ninjas, superboxers and plenty more.

Each of them has its own set of abilities combined with funny attack animations, creating a clumsy looking battle that is performed automatically.

Strategy Is Needed To Win

On each level, you fight against a different troop composition vs. the AI.tabs free download

You’ll need to pick out the right strategy to deploy in order to have a chance at winning.

Remember, stronger troops cost more money, therefore it is wise to have a strategy in mind before the fight begins.

So What Is The Gameplay Like You Might Ask…

Once your money has been spent wisely, you are ready to grab your popcorn!

However, the fun starts when you have to beat the enemy formation by experiment around, often resulting in a couple of defeats first.

Frankly, losing the level with a poor force and composition, it is still a great joy as the silliness of the figures adds an entertaining value to the fight every single time.

In TABS, placing your soldiers strategically on any position of your choice on the battlefield before the start of the next battle, can decide between a win and a loss.

tabs game

To make things more interesting, you get to choose between different factions that contain different unit types, such as Vikings, Crusaders, Greece, Asia, Napoleon, Neon and Misc.

At the current state, TABS is in Alpha and we are sure that more factions will be added throughout the next couple months.

The troops have been placed, their wobbly bodies are ready: watch as they rush towards each other with an amusing running animation, attacking the opposing team with the weapons and abilities they currently possess.

Watch their bodies being dragged around the battlefield as a spear is still stuck inside them.

Or how about the cannon ball, hitting them in their face, sending the bodies flying outside of the battlefield? These are the moments where Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (TABS) shines the most. To make it even more epic, a slow-motion feature is available.

totally accurate battle simulator

TABS Sandbox Mode

Once all levels in the campaign have been beaten, you unlock the Sandbox mode. For those of you with a sandbox-fetish, this is where the super crazy action is. Spawn an unlimited amount of troops of any kind and let them battle in a glorious fight while experimenting different troop compositions. A must-see!

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is a unique war and battle game that does not require blood and gore – instead, humor and emotionless soldiers who are fighting for their lives is the key to TABS’s current success, despite currently being in the Alpha.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Free Download
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