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UAYEB is a first person open world puzzle adventure game with survival elements. It follows a story set in a lost Mayan civilization world. The game is divided into four episodes.

You play as Uayeb together with your archeologist friend, Joanna, you embark on a survival adventure, exploring a 16km2 world filled with deadly hazards, puzzles to solve, and ancient artifacts to discover. UAYEB is a mentally challenging game in that it requires some thought to fit clues together and figure out where to go. Survival is another challenge, as you have to carefully monitor your stamina and energy, and make sure you get enough food, water and sleep.

As if this weren’t enough, the world in UAYEB is full of dangerous traps (such as swords that come out of the ground), moving platforms and hostile environments. Enemies present another danger for Uayeb, but he can use his melee fighting skills in combat, as well as attack them with fire weapons.

The story of the game leads you to a lost Mayan city. In order to reach that you have to discover ancient artifacts that show you the way. You have to overcome the dangers, enemies, and traps that fill the path to each artifact. In addition, there are puzzles to be solved along the way, using the clues given by your archeologist friend. Another interesting feature of the game is that you can construct your own tools and equipment. To do this, you must search for blueprints and resources.


UAYEB Download | Play UAYEB Game
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