Unforgiving: A Northern Hymn Download

unforgiving a northern hymn download

Unforgiving A Northern Hymn Game

You wake up. You are alone. You are deep in the forest.

It’s dark and it’s cold.

As you scramble to your feet, your hand reaches for your mobile.

No battery. You look around.unforgiving a northern hymn free

Nothing but trees and darkness. Only the moon shines a sliver of pale light.

You start walking, not knowing where to. In the distance you see lights; a small cabin.

Maybe there are people there.

Between you and the cabin there’s a rushing torrent.

Trying to swim would be suicide.

You follow along the riverbank.

Another light; a tiny lamp post with a flickering candle and a box of matches.

You take the matches.

These might keep the darkness at bay.

Unforgiving A Northern Hymn Gameplay

“Unforgiving A Northern Hymn Download” is a first-person survival horror game that has you stranded in the deep, dark wilderness of the Swedish woods.

You assume the role of a single survivor, a young woman, all alone in a vast forest haunted by terrors and night haunts of Swedish folklore.

unforgiving a northern hymn free download

Immediately the sense of isolation is overwhelming, closely followed by the feeling of being helpless, exposed to forces beyond your understanding.

The game gives you no means of orienting yourself, except for the fickle promise of safety by the distant lights.

The only tool you find is a simple box of matches.

Every match you strike pushes back the looming darkness, if only but a tiny bit.

The Developers Behind The Game

Everything about the game is impressive, not the least of which is the fact that “Unforgiving” is the creation of Angry Demon Studio, a group of 5 game development students!

unforgiving a northern hymn game downloadThe graphics, even in the pre-alpha version create an inky, oppressive atmosphere that has you grasping at straws.

The enveloping darkness around you is pitch-black and the flickering flame of your matches does little to penetrate it.

The air is filled with strange sounds; thundering footsteps in the distance, scurrying of spindly legs just beyond your vision, and eldritch voices leading you on with their sepulchral songs.

Unforgiving A Northern Hymn Free Download

The sense of impeding danger – that something could spring from the shadows and drag you away at any moment – is ever present.

As you explore the woods, almost completely disoriented, you start to realize bit by bit that you are no longer in the human realm.unforgiving a northern hymn

Monsters and other unspeakable creatures move all around you, and even the trees look like calcified people weeping tears of blood.

The game fully exploits the foreboding feeling it instills in you to streamline your path.

The game designers know that instinctively you will follow anything that looks even remotely familiar in this alien environment that they created, in this case a set of old, rusty rail tracks.

The irony is not lost to you as you follow the tracks blindly, believing in the illusion of safety, even as the tracks lead you deep into the shaft of an abandoned mine.

The voices grow stronger. There’s a woman. Your match goes out.

Unforgiving: A Northern Hymn Download
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