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Open World Psychological Horror

“Welcome to Hanwell Download”

“Nobody gets in… Nobody gets out”. These words will echo with the oppressive weight of a death sentence once you enter the city of Hanwell, a place caught between hideous dreams and reality.

Hanwell is a forlorn city, a forgotten cesspit of madness and horror, abandoned by the rest of the world along with the unfortunate souls that call it home.

Nightmares bubble through the immaterial and… things crawl across the cold concrete skeleton of the city; lifeless eyes gazing from the shadows, teeth gnashing at the scent of human prey.

Madness and Terror

“Welcome to Hanwell” is an open world, first person psychological horror game which will give you many sleepless nights.welcome to hanwell free download

Your woeful tale begins in your bedroom, in one of the few safe havens of the city, locked behind thick metal doors.

It’s not safe to walk the streets of Hanwell.

Unspeakable creatures haunt the night – “anomalies” as they are known among the living citizens – bizarre monstrosities that prey on the flesh as well as the mind.

It’s not safe outside. But then again, is it safe inside? Is it safe anywhere?

You Are Alone… Alone With Them

When the “anomalies” first emerged the citizens of Hanwell stood their ground.

The Hanwell Council of Public Protection was formed in order to prepare the populace for the onslaught ahead, warning those who would listen, protecting those that they could, arming those willing to fight back.

The Council is no more. No early warnings anymore; no equipment to keep the darkness at bay; no people to push back the unholy tide. There is only you; you, and a mysterious stranger who haunts your every step.

The gates of Hanwell are sealed. You are alone here. Alone with them.

welcome to hanwell game

By Horror Fans for Horror Fans

The first thing you’ll notice entering the otherworldly realm of Hanwell is that the game does its best (and succeeds) to instill in you a sense of paranoia and constant peril.

welcome to hanwell free

A wonderful mash-up of classic horror movie/game tropes, “Welcome to Hanwell” manages to combine different elements of horror in an elegant and utterly disturbing way.

As you take your first steps in your house, you’ll notice the weird 1950s aesthetic of the place.

It looks like it was torn right from the Overlook Hotel of the legendary horror flick “The Shining”.

The game’s design will also remind you of older horror games like “The Suffering” and “Silent Hill”. There’s even the telltale radio static when something nasty approaches.

There is a feeling of foreboding in the game, like the world has become a ravenous beast and your life has shrunk to a tiny little thing, fragile and dwindling.

But the world beckons and once you open your metal-plated door, your haven is invaded by the disease that gnaws at the heart of Hanwell.welcome to hanwell game download

Strange noises and eldritch apparitions begin to appear, forcing you to abandon what little safety you thought you had for the cold night outside.

Even though “Welcome to Hanwell” is still in the pre-alpha stage, it looks very promising and it’s certain to send chills up the spines of psychological horror genre fans by late 2017.

Welcome to Hanwell Download
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